Tonight, we decided to cook outside the RV over the fire. We break out the dutch oven make this easy Chili Mac recipe.

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Cooking in a Dutch Oven doesn’t have to be hard

For this recipe, all you need is a pound of ground meat, beef, venison, or turkey; a few cans of tomatoes, some Rotel, macaroni noodles, and a few spices and BAM Chili mac.

Dutch oven over the fire

Recipe for Dutch Oven Chili Mac


1 lb ground beef

2-3 cans of Rotel

Chili powder



Taco seasoning



Macaroni Noodles


1. Dump all of the ingredients into a pot or your dutch oven

2. Add water if needed to cover the noodles

3. Cook until the meat is done and the noodles are cooked