Southern Hibachi or Waffle House DIY

Nov 19, 2022 | Easy prep meal, Griddle Meals | 0 comments

Southern Hibachi Breakfast

Waffle House is one of the best things in the South. Where else can you get hash browns scattered, covered, chunked, and diced just like you want them? Basically, Southern Hibachi with breakfast meats. For Southerners, we use Waffle House as our gauge for our bad the weather is going to be. Why? Because Waffle House is always open.

And if they close, it is time to run for the hills. Here is our take on Waffle House when we are camping:


Breakfast meat of choice(bacon, sausage)


Frozen hash browns with peppers and onions



Seasoning blend with chili powder, cumin or cajun seasoning

Shredded cheese of choice (we used Mexican cheese blend)


1. Heat and prep your griddle

2. Cook your breakfast meat and set to the side

3. Wipe off excess grease and cook your hash browns

4. Spread the hash browns evenly on the surface and seasoning

5. Flip the hash browns so they cook evenly and season the second side

6. Add cheese to the hash browns and mix well

7. Remove from griddle

8. Cook your eggs(fry, scramble, etc.) to your taste


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